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Waking up from a coma

Prayed for 2 times
Brother and sister I'm asking for prayers for my niece's husband his name is Will Rivas he has a diase in his lungs he has been in a coma for 2 weeks already and also got a surgery where they put tube in his throat do he can breath better but his body isn't responding the way it should and the drs.mentioned my niece that he's getting worse and it's better if they disconnect him from all the tubes that are giving him life while he's in a coma, but we have faith and believe that our God is going to do a miracle to him☝🏻The nurses said he may hear us so we talk to him also all his others organs from his organs are functioning good at the more. We'll really appreciate all your prayers. May God bless you today and always ☝🏻
AnaLopez Pray for this